Reviews for "Love, Me"

doesnt affect me at all

the story needs a more brain scarring message

Loved It

VV by the way if he died through a bullet wound to the heart he wouldent have been able to hand off the note! As a soldier myself I have to say that this flash was awesome, the animation didn't need to be to out there or it would have taken away from the meaning which was a truely heartfelt one. Bravo to you.


I liked the idea of the flash, but it all seemed to light and happy in my opinion and should of been a bit more dark, it would of made the flash better im my eyes, and i thought the actual war seemed to light and not very gritty, but still was an okay flash :).


Not to change the subject but are you Nigerian?
That sounds like a naija name : )

Laoye responds:

lol. yes boss. Naija all the way


Ehh...I really liked the idea of the soldier dying for love or whatever, but that story was extremely shallow. Why did he die like that? It would have been more effective emotionally for the soldier to die from a bullet through the heart or something. I only say the heart because it's associated with love and could've made for a much deeper story if you expanded on it.

I really liked this flash though. Keep it up, but the story needs to be expanded. I just didn't get the full effect from this one.