Reviews for "Love, Me"

not real ending

And at the end you see another guy at the door kissing her! lol


This is not really so much as it seems, the point of view and the idea was touching but the animation and the art itself was not.

I'd expect more of this was to be on the frontpage.

Good part: The idea, the story
Animation/Music: Too simple, needs more effort and work.

There you go!

Very Touching.

It's animations like these that don't require criticism over the quality of the animation and sound.
It's the story that shines in this one, and It's one of those story's that will touch most people's hearts.

Good work!


beautiful just beautiful


@Dirllur: If you were going to die, wouldn't you want your love one to know that you still cared about their birth-day? It's touching if you have even had a loved one die, like me.