Reviews for "Explosions in the Sky"

Very Nice

I thought it was a very nice and relaxing game but then relaxing turned into boredom. its too easy to get the required points ao not very challanging. i got to level 20 hoping it would end there but i had to stop at that point. but over all i liked it alot, but i couldint stand playing it for too long :P

Above Average

A nice little chain reaction game. My only real gripe about it is that it's too easy. I didn't complete the game because I got bored with the lack of challenge. Other than that though it's excellent!

Decent thing

I have played games like this before, and I can understand why you released it near the Fourth of July. My biggest complaint about this is that it does not have that many things that are unique. It did still have most of what you could ask for in a game like this. The colors and graphics are good enough to not notice any real flaws. The background is pretty simplistic, and might have used some more modification. I would most likely recommend this to someone who likes these sorts of things.

fireworks :D

well the game is fun to play, also the grapics are good and so is the engine.
But, after a few minutes, the song gets really annoying.. also the game in about
lvl 10. The goals are WAY too easy. andI played till lvl 18, then I got bored, I got a total score of 1001060.
there is also a bug, when I do pause, then go to the menu and restart, there are 2 songs at the same time, also all the firework of the last game is still in the air.
But still, the game is funny even kinda addicting, but you should improve it with a better song, maybe other kinds of firework, harder goals, and this kind of stuff. But overall, good game :3


its cool addicting and, What a SIght!