Reviews for "Chibipons"

Nice :)

I thought that was pretty decent :) Good job.


that music at the end sounded somewhat familiar, like as if its off the best turn based game ever created by man? :D

ToxicAcid responds:

thnx man.. the last music was from Genko Suikoden II (every day is a carnival)

Pretty good:D

Pretty good dude. Keep it up:D

Pata Pata Patapon 3?

The release date for Patapon 3 in NA is September the Fourth.

The Dekapon was spot-on!

way to go !

nice clean awesome work ... bg n sounds n the dragon with fire was fantastic and only the the arrow part i agree with laserman ... and one other thing if the arrows were shot they should be visible on the surface on the monsters... n da game sounds promising :) all the best