Reviews for "Chibipons"

Nice :)

I thought that was pretty decent :) Good job.


This is really awesome, u did a great job

way to go !

nice clean awesome work ... bg n sounds n the dragon with fire was fantastic and only the the arrow part i agree with laserman ... and one other thing if the arrows were shot they should be visible on the surface on the monsters... n da game sounds promising :) all the best

what a great short. I love the game patapon so i found this and watched it.

i give you 5 stars XD, i love patapon.
anyway, the red ones, they were Zigotons?
you know, zigotons hate patapons, after all, they(we) killed gong the hawk eye and destroyed all the zigoton territorie and all...
sorry for my english, i'm not an american >.<