Reviews for "Chibipons"

It is an honor.

It is an honor to view this flash at this stage. It is complex in it's simplicity and genuinely fun and happy to watch. However I have to mark you down for some blatant errors that should honestly have been edited out.

The spelling, syntax and grammar errors were numerous and hinestly glaring. The message was lost in some of the errors, it wasn't just, huh wrong there, it's huh, that sentence should have ended three words ago.

This is too wide. The edges of your animation aren't covered by effects, a bit of an oops that hammers home your watching something someone did, not something that is. I really lost myself in your world, but then a scene transition would happen and it's like someone poured coffee on my book, if you know what I mean. It stops being a story and starts being a book.

Amazing work, dumb errors and I hope that if you fix them this gets front page.