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Reviews for "Dailytoon #412"

here is my review

sAlaDofMetal 8:33 pm
(8:33:27 PM): lmfao dinky dau's toon is one of the best ive seen so far

Great stuff but lose that intro

Personally i think that littlest hobo intro drags on for too long and a skip button intro is needed because i want to get right to the watching the dailytoons themselves.

Dinky-dau made the part in todays dailytoon and i would be interested in seeing more parts by dinky some time in the future.

This is better than the last episode i reviewed but i'm still bored of the same littlest hobo theme music in the intro but other than that one annoyance it was a great dailytoon submission.


Anothe decent one

The "DUDE-STAR" one was kind of odd but still random, So while these are not the best they do bring a sense of entertaininment with all the random style of the different toons and funny random humor, and thats something that I really like about these, wish you made more of these as it is you already have over four hundred of them thats a "NICE-MILESTONE" in itself.

No changes make more soon.



ah, shit man, i thinking that you induced trippage of balls here...
its different, i have not seen anything like it on the net, sure in movies and stuff but as a piratical animation its fresh :]

Okay better

The sketch was very funny and was animated nicely.

The colnel is Back? Well guess not.