Reviews for "Run, Jesus Run!"


A fun quick game. Great style, love the art, and the music fits perfectly. There is a bug at the beginning with the jumping but, whatever.

Walkthrough, 12 apostles:

1. Jump over pit, then WAIT. Wait until the devil is completely gone.
2. Press space
3. Press space
4. Once again, press space.
5. Go through water by repeatedly pressing space, then...
6. Hit
7. the
8. block
9. Then...
10. Press space
11. to cure
12. these 3 guys.

Have fun!

well that was odd

sums up the bible pretty well tho =S


This is great! Most fun I've had playing Jesus. :P

But seriously, I love it.


The Game is quick smart and funny, Like a good joke.
The sound if perfect, including music.
I LMAO'd playing it.

10 seconds

Greatest 10 seconds of my life. :D