Reviews for "CLAB - Jakobe vs Sky"

sky for sure. jakobe had a nice flow, but was lacking with lyrics. nice battle though

I'd say Jakobe won both had some pretty weak disses but Jakobe had better flips so with that I give him my vote


Sky had some pretty nice parts, I laughed out loud at his last bar, but yeah like a lot of people mentioned, he had some cool lyrics there but not muuuuch personals, whereas jakobe brought a lot more, so his bars went a bit harder.

So my vote goes to Jakobe.

A lot of great disses from SkyD, but I'm giving this one to Jakobe, because his flow had that tiny bit of edge over Sky's. If you guys made a friendly-friend collab, it would be fucking fantastic.

Choked you at your party and called it a gag gift. Beautiful...
Sky takes this one home in my opinion, Jakobes punches were too generic.
Awesome battle though. Props to both.