Reviews for "CLAB - Jakobe vs Sky"

I think Jakobe took this by like a mile. Like Sky was good, really good and his beat was dope but his first verse had like no personals. Both had the same kinda flow but Jakobe did it better, Jakobe was funnier and had more diverse style. Good shit though Sky, I feel like jakobe's raps are the level of Sky's beats and Sky's raps are the level of Jakobe's beats.

gonna have to give to sky on this one, the 'we're in the same rap group and i barely heard of you' line won it for me.

haha wow, "we're in the same rap group and i barely heard of you" jakobe got in alot of personals, much more than normal for an internet battle.
"faker than global warming" no sky no. jakobe you really should have flipped that instead of the generic gay joke.
sky came pretty good in the last verse but overall jakobe is the winner for me.

I think Jakobe won overall.
The last verse from Sky is pretty good.

Jakobe had much better flips, and Sky didn't quite have the flow to make up for his lack of flips. Jakobe had this one.