Reviews for "CLAB - Jakobe vs Sky"

Sky had some pretty nice parts, I laughed out loud at his last bar, but yeah like a lot of people mentioned, he had some cool lyrics there but not muuuuch personals, whereas jakobe brought a lot more, so his bars went a bit harder.

So my vote goes to Jakobe.

I vote for Sky

Most relaxed battle beat in history, love it.

Anyway, basically everything to be said has already been said. Jakobe has the edge with flow, Sky's got cleverer lyrics blahlbhalblabhlabh.

I think this battle comes down to personal preference. I'll drop Sky my vote for the consistent lyricism.

Great job, fellas.

~5 listens
Lyrics: Jakobe
- Jakobe had better personals/flips, Sky had better filler. I gave it Jakobe based on that.
Flow: Jakobe
- I liked Sky's flow more in places, but it was too inconsistent for me to give this to him.
Style: Sky
- I guess I've heard both these styles before, but I guess like Sky's just a bit more.
Momentum: Jakobe
Vote: 3-1 Jakobe
- Cool beat.

Jakobe definitely took it. Jakobe had the better flow and the better bars period.