Reviews for "CLAB - Jakobe vs Sky"

Well, I was gonna score this one, but Sky himself has already conceded in the comments.

Jakobe gets the easy win.

Both were insane. Imma give my vote to sky...just think he had more variety in flow. Also had some hell a funny lines

Vote: Sky

I'ma gonna have to vote for Jakobe. Sky sounded great in terms of lyrics, but his flow was a bit off on a few points, and he also lacked any real personals (the lines he used where still pretty cool though). On the otherhand, Jakobe had both down.

Still, this was an entertaining battle. Respect goes to both battlers.

A lot of great disses from SkyD, but I'm giving this one to Jakobe, because his flow had that tiny bit of edge over Sky's. If you guys made a friendly-friend collab, it would be fucking fantastic.

haha after listening again, i even have to vote for jakobe. i got too eager to battle him and foolishly wrote my verses down before i heard his initial one. it was fun though, props to him