Reviews for "CLAB - Jakobe vs Sky"

This was a close one, but im gonna go out on a limb and say sky-d-block, jakobe's name is retarded{not relevant i know} but i think his style was to confident, not enough delivery,
opinions are opinions though Jakobe < Sky

Sky mumbled and slurred a bit on his first verse but cleaned it up a lot on the second. Honestly I feel like Jakobe just has him far outmatched in this one. I am totally in love with the beat though, so awesome job to the both of you!

Vote is for Jakobe.

Why? OVerall both did well. i like jakobes jabs better, and his flow was more natural and confident. It was a close battle though.

Choked you at your party and called it a gag gift. Beautiful...
Sky takes this one home in my opinion, Jakobes punches were too generic.
Awesome battle though. Props to both.

Damn. This one's really close. I think I have to give it to Sky, I really liked Jakobe's flow, but overall when it comes down to it, Sky's lines hit much harder. Sky to round 2!