Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

This is great

This is one of my favorite chain of flash games, although limiting the amount of possible parts was a little weak, it adds an extra level of strategy......keep it going man... fantastic

wow man this game rock

ok man just do more i love this game

Just... Wow.

I played this game for a long time, not because of the difficulty, but because of how addicting it is. You have taken a great concept and absolutely buffed it out by allowing people to completely customize their character model. I have only ever seen this concept done well twice (including this). You are very creative and I hope to see more games like this on Newgrounds.
Very well done.

Obviously Awesome.

So Cool! The gameplay is just so awesome. You guys should make another one as soon as possible. :D Great Work! Addictive and Fun!

Nothing like going back to beloved game after years :D
Shame that the series ended.