Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

Not Working?

I only see a flashing screen with this message

(Shellcore Command Cannot
Run from this website

Please visit an Official Website)

already tried with
Ie 8, FireFox v3, and Opera 9 (Win XP)

ShellCoreCommand responds:

did you try updating your flash player? that should help.


These ShellCore games never seize to amaze me.

The skirmish version is based on 1-on-1 tactical combat rather than the mindless roaming in the EP1.

The new concept is pretty good, loads of new shaped add-ons are good. It doesn't allow you to build an indestructible ship with millions of lasers and guns but gives you a balanced ship.

The ground and air units are a refreshment, it provides more tactical maneuvering, sometimes the battles are more difficult, sometimes they are easier (tank-drop the hell of the enemy's base). It was nice of the author to ditch the useless level 1 Cannons and upgrading the main gun.

All in all, the game is more repeatable, challenging and more balanced than the EP1.

Excellent effort, just keep 'em coming!

Great game but there are some issues.

On top of what everyone else is saying.
I'm trying to complete the last mission on the easy stage.
It says I haven't completed it but when I click on the button to play it the stage mission will not launch. The "start" button isn't working.
I would LOVE to finish this game. It's very, very fun and challenging.

ShellCoreCommand responds:

@everyone who has this problem: can you send me a PM with detailed info or make a post on the community forums? f.e. have you tried several times, does this always happen? is it the same on kongregate? which browser are you using? That will help me pin down the problem, that one is a real bugger... thx!


i suspected such agreat game from you again


This is funny... whenever my ship was almost destroyed it looked waaaay too much like a dildo... ANYWAY... AWESOME GAME!!! 10/10 BABY YAAAA