Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

upgrade problem...

this is a really cool game, the only thing i dont like of it is the disadvantage of the new parts, for example, its better to have 2 lvl1 shell heal modules instead of 1 lvl 2, cause together they have a weight of 8, while the lvl 2 module weights 10, both having a repair rate of 40, so there's no advantage in using lvl 2 modules rather than overcoming the max part limit.
plus the lvl 2 parts are huge, making your ship a big target
other than that, the game is perfect, loved it!

More Retro Awesomeness

I finally ended up posting a reveiw on ShellCore Command (SCC1) back on June 8(10 out of 10 FYI) and I said that my only complaint was that you were going to make me wait for the sequel to come out.

Well here we are in July and what do you know ShellCore Skirmish (SCC2) is out.

All the greatness of the first game with the added pressure of ground based units, as well as the ability to challenge the Shells of other players. (granted no PVP, but maybe in SSC3?)
And a new intro tune with a catchy beat just like the first game.
(still wondering if your going to publish the soundtracks for both SCC 1 and SCC2 on NG sometime?)

Like others here I am a little bit disappointed about not being able to continue from where I left off in SSC1, but I got over it pretty quickly.

I agree with a lot of what rahx1 said in his review, specifically about having multiple stat bonuses or weapons on a single ship part, and the idea about merging ship parts.
(perhaps have a upgrade station to combine similar weapons parts / upgrade parts into a new part.) However I found that the ground units added a different strategic level to the game.

Looking forward to SCC 3, got to get back to playing ShellCore Skirmish now.


I loved the EP1 and this game is a Gem! I half expect this to become a MMORPG...

eye candy

very deep and it shows how much work you put into this peace of art work, very enjoyable


Please keep making more of these!