Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"


I enjoyed the original ShellCore Command and I thought this was a very good spinoff of it. I still enjoy building ships and the new flip feature was very useful. Although I did miss the free roaming of the previous game I enjoyed the more simplified navigation in this game. I'm looking forward to episode 2! Also for anyone who enjoys this game I would recommend Battleships Forever a game that has similar graphics and building system.

Oh my...

I've usually never liked spin offs, They usually are only a rip off of the original and only offer cheap fun n'the like.

But then again... There's nothing "Usual" about this game, and thus is the exception. I have found myself playing hours of this game, and loving every minute of it. While it may be a wee bit taxing on lower grade computers, it's completely understandable and can't hold it ageist it.

VERY well done, I'm looking forward to the story mode very much so!

Extraordinarily Excellent

This was the biggest improvement from a game i have ever seen.To be honest I did not like the first one.The first one the medals were hard to get and was not fun.This game the medals are easy.And not just the medal that I like.In the first one you were just pretty much going around the map killing guys and it wasn't really missions,this one you just go to the head ship and pick a mission to do.You also get ship parts easier and More unlockable and cooler stuff.So I really enjoyed this game and not just for medals,For the fun of the newgrounds flash portal and the great games people submit

i played my own ship, and won.

yes funny as it seems i did. great game man.

Pure fun

Simplistic gameplay and a steep learning curve = addicting game.