Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

One question

How do I increase the tiny little letters? -_-

great game

don't mind the poeple that gave you crappy scores. they just suck period.

Great game

Episode 1 was one of the best on newgrounds, and with skirmish thats following it, its alot better, I like on how you fixed the catogory problem by having seperate areas, but that kinda limits the freedom we had in episode 1, i still like it and hope you make more, dont listen to reviews other people have, its just becouse their probably kids that suck at this and just want to make you feel bad for somthing that was already extreamly balanced. Hope you make episode 2 soon... and like a said last time, take your time, oh and it would be nice if you added 2 bars of each type

P.S. for fans, this is a skirmish, not episode 2, its supposed to give us some fun playing this while he makes the real episode 2, this is sortof to give us a glimps of the real episode 2, now have fun pwning the enemy shellcores!


Wow what the.....

pretty cool game but i hate how i cant destroy the base with myself and i have to use a siege turret .______________________________.