Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

Great game

I got hooked by the eps1, although I dislike the part limit system in this one it's good. I would how ever introduce a upgrade system so one could equip more parts, and instead of a weapon,s skills, spawns, or passives ablities limiter i would make it so that there was a limit on the amount of parts of that type was limited: skill parts 5/20 or weapon parts 10/15. however you would need to quick slot the ablities on skills 1 for thrusters 2 for shell heal 3 for core heal and so forth.
when you purchase an upgrade to the part limit of one of the ablities you increase the amount of parts of that type of part by one. thus weapon parts 0/10 -upgrade - 0/11

Great game, but it's NOT EP2.

Hello. I think that this game is terrific, with exception to the credit limit. The credit limit actually makes the hard missions hard. And for those of you complaining that EP3 is not out, that Skirmish is EP2, it is NOT. Skirmish is NOT EP2, otherwise you would be given a far better core than just three parts. You need to understand that. Skirmish is just a set of off-to-the-side missions designed to keep us happy until EP2 comes out. Also, please note: the original community forums are down, a replacement has been set up at the following location.

http://s4.zetaboards.com/Shellcore_Co mmand/index/

SergeantRick - Moderator of Shellcore Command Forums.

Dude, seriously, that's not funny.

That part limit turned Rest Stop into That One Level. The one you pull your hair out trying to beat. I thought easy levels were supposed to actually be easy. Seriously, ditch the part limit or make that level easier.

Freakin' awesome, but I hate the part limit.

This would be the most freakin' awesome game I have ever played, except there is a part limit. REMOVE THE PART LIMIT!


i seached and searched for it,but i cant get EP 3.i found it on a site and it was croupted.plz submit on ng.PLEASE?-3 3for that and in SCORE:i will say mabye -2 points.if this EP.3 isnt submittedon NG in 6 months-i will have the clock ticking-I WILL HAVE TOM BLAM YOU AND ILL BE ALL /)(\ NOW RELASE EP 3 ON NG