Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

Not as good as the first.

There are a lot of good improvements in this over the original ShellComander. Graphics are better, more parts, new commands to play with, a new automatic system to pick up power orbs (very helpful), and the ability to upload and fight user-created ships. All this is good. But, as appreciated these improvements are, this newest Shellcore iteration does not have the same charm as the original.

When I first started playing this I was expecting more of a quest game, like the first one, rather than a ladder campaign. I was disappointed in this; and the further I played the more disappointed I was with it. It was not as fun. There was no exploration elements involved. And the lack of being able to cannibalize parts from enemy ships. All there was... was going from one campaign to the next and that's all there was disappointing. I also didn't like how the shops were set up - I was also annoyed at how the last set of shops weren't available until all the campaigns were finished. A bit ass backwards, imo.

To say the least, I didn't like the campaigns much. They were just plain. Another reason, the player was always hamstrung in one way or another. I was annoyed at the fact that I was limited in design by the credit limit of the ship for each campaign - probably one of the reasons why people are complaining about not being able to start a campaign because they don't see that requirement. I also disliked how some campaigns were overrun by the enemy at the start.

Probably the most detrimental aspect of the new gameplay was the introduction of ground forces. This new system was poorly implemented, imo. Besides there being very few parts for your ship to attack ground units, you had to clumsily pull/place turrets to deal with those ground forces. It was very awkward. And there could have been some quicker system, and more ground attacking parts for the ship, to optimize your ship to deal with these types of forces more efficiently.

in all, it was not a bad game, but I miss the fun elements that made the first one good.

Great Game!

You know what would make this game a 100 times better?
If it was possible to own more then one ship. Like you can store your ships in some kind of station and u can make as many as you want and even have some aid you in battle so it would be like a war in the dogfights.

I do miss the free roam and stuff but still great


The game is fine, but what takes all your score away is the fact that you don't even mention Battleships Forever in the credits, as this is clearly a flash version of the game with a different storyline.

ShellCoreCommand responds:

you gotta be kidding me -.-
It was inspired mainly by Herzog Zwei and Warning Forever, among many other games, including Battleships Forever. But Battleships Forever is really an RTS version of Warning Forever, and Warning Forever is itself inspired by oldschool SMUP boss battles.

100000 out of 10

hi i love ur games of shellcore command i love how u incorperated the whole retro yet techno looking game im tryin to make a game like urs because its so cool but obviously it will be hardly as good as urs *yes that was a compliment* lol so keep up the good work cnt wait for episode 2 and the only problem i hv is that it was workin and then one day i goto play and i click play but i get a blank black screen i read the warnin on mofunzone but after i cleared my browser cache it still didnt work P.S. im 13 and im already a game designer in training so maby u cn mentor me or sumtin but yeah luv ur games bye :D conntact me at mikaelhmakalena@aol.com with ur help and or ansers so yeah bye

Sincerly your friend,

Mikael makalena


This is without a doubt one of the best flash games I have ever seen. Not to mention the epic chiptune soundtrack. Is there any way to download it?

ShellCoreCommand responds:

you can find the intro tune at www.mrspastic.com and lots similar stuff at www.8bitpeoples.com