Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

I hate to tell you this but this game is no comparison to the Ep.1,
The plotless missions are not what this game can use to compete with the other games. The Plot was really attentive for the first submission which went well, it gave the entire game a line of developement and all of its vitality.
The introduction of ground/aero units are only making things complicated in my opinion, the map system was also a nice touch from the first submission.

Really fun customizations, bit of a learning curve at one or two points though

This game was just good as it was back then, I was expecting EP:2 to be completed and released here... If it ever was...

pretty cool game but i hate how i cant destroy the base with myself and i have to use a siege turret .______________________________.

hey great game and al BUT WHY DA FUK DUS IT SAY I HELP MAKE IT ON MY PAGE!?!?!?!!? or is it just me?