Reviews for "ShellCore: Skirmish"

Stick to the rpg version

this is no where near as good as the rpg version with the storyline.

also get rid of the drones and ground type tanks as no one likes them and not being able to attack with air makes no sense

Love It!!

this game recalls me to a NES game, but i cannot remember exactly

I like the battle music, can you send me?

the best game evar

this game is perfect and its fun to pimp out your ship but the value limt kinda screws it over

I was surprised by the intelligence in the ai as one levels focused on capturing bases and one level ignores resources and tries to attack you


what tribb1e said

The audio is bad and the ship value limit kills it.


I literaly can not stop playing this game. ITs soooo fun and i love the fact that you can customize ur ship and stuff. Anyway the levels are kinda hard tho so i gotta give it an 8. But good game