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Reviews for "GTA3: The Flash Version"


I liked the intro :) thats all....

KovioXZ responds:


People failed.

I generally dislike what the Kitty Krew submits... however this is perfect for showing just how unintelligent people can be.
Hint to everybody who thinks this is a game: Start the game, and don't do anything, the character will do EXACTLY the same as he did when you were actually using the keys. This is just a nice example of predicting someones moves (As most people would probably go right for the car, and enter it, then they'd start to drive, and then through 'lag' you'd flip over.

Nice work (for once) Kitty Krew.

KovioXZ responds:

i give u a check PLUS


Awesome, fix the delay and it'd be perfect.

KovioXZ responds:

i will


I seriously want to know how you got a full game like this into a flash, It's like im playing on the console and everything! and for all u nuggaz out der dat says this flash dont work, well ur doing it wrong.

KovioXZ responds:


Buttons dont work seriously

I thought this would be cool but buttons dont even work as they should so i quit.

KovioXZ responds:

im sorry