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Reviews for "GTA3: The Flash Version"

Jokes On Us I Guess

You try to pass that off as a game, what a joke.

KovioXZ responds:

its a joke u FAGGOT


Good idea and concept, but horrid execution. Lags like hell.

Again, good idea, but work on it.

KovioXZ responds:



First of all, no programming

Second, horrible loop (you suck at driving)

And finally, you should be ashamed for what you did, giving peoples hopes up like that.

I will never play another game by you, unless you actually program it

KovioXZ responds:

how will you know if its programmed if you dont play it you fucking idiot


Glitchy doesn't describe how bad this "game" plays. I pressed every button on my keyboard and watched as nothing happened. I went and got a drink and returned to see the guy entering a car. WTF? Mountain Dew, now with game playing powers.

Well then.

I actually was expecting something good until the kitty krew logo came up. Try to submit an actual game in the future, rather than a video.

KovioXZ responds:

oh ok