Reviews for "Every day the same dream"


This game was fun, and it's mysterious meaning pounds on me.
But, why do you say it was all made by you if it says Molle Industria?

deep meaning

This game has a very good meaning, the artwork was great, the music fits in with the game play, after a little bit u'll understand what 2 do
i agree with OokamiBane

Job well done.

The music gave the game a nice surreal atmosphere, and the artwork was intently droll and boring to give the image of monotony and boredom. Overall a great movie with meaning, that is complemented by a great original sound. Outstanding.


Im speachless because this is what the word is cumming to!

Epic game is epic

even thought I'm not sure if I understood the story, still the game was awesome/epic/full of win =D maybe some narration at the end would be good, just a little