Reviews for "Every day the same dream"

That game was too simple/predicable too imo (could be more advanced), but not a bad idea

I feel no piety for this man. he has a hot wife and a useless occupation to keep him sane. the game needs a better ending, however the journey is the fun part.

different tasks you must complete to see ending(without ruining the surprise):
easy ones-
1. talk with homeless man by going left instead of right into the parking garage
2. go to work undressed
3. perform action on roof by going past your desk
hard ones- (I never would have got these if I didn't look them up)
4. stand under leaf tree for about 30 seconds and perform action
5. press space to exit your car, then explore

A very true fact is being proven about the typical human's life in this beautifully-made game... about how much of our lives are the same every day. Each day we choose our route to work (or to school), and you and only you can make your life different than the rest of the crowd. I never thought a flash game could prove this deep of a message, and the genius of a designer proved me wrong. Thank you for giving me the pleasure of playing your well thought-out game.

An absolutely genius game. It got across his message in a pure and simple way. The music and graphics were spot on. The ending was a tad vague for me, but then again, it's open to interpretation, just like the ending of Inception. Perfectly executed work of art. Well done.

Wow. That was quite a psychologically touching game. Kind of made me sick to the stomach for some reason, but it's also very interesting. Nice job.