Reviews for "Every day the same dream"

Nice story.

I remember playing this around 2012 really happy that I found the game again and enjoyed it again :)

This game is AMAZING and I had no trouble doing all the steps. The only problem is, in reality, there is no ending. You just get to keep playing and keep playing. I know that's the point of the game, but there should be an end. That's why my rating isn't 5 stars. Overall, the game is pretty good.

Gosh dang. As an artistic work, absolutely beautiful. Everything ties in, and it can be ended if you just realize what the game is trying to tell you... Somewhat disturbing, but in a provocative way.

Really interesting and simplistic. Kind of wish the ending was different though. Kills the vibe a bit but overall I loved it! Would've been cool and ambiguous if you had to sit down at your cubicle at the end to finish the game, to better highlight the themes of the it.