Reviews for "Every day the same dream"


There sure is a lot of debate over this game. Personally, I think it was a great game, all satire and existentialism aside. I loved the music, and the graphics were good. Thanks for the great game. Keep it up!

Took too long to get anywhere

otherwise with potential art but no direction

It's a "what if" game.

If you live your life just holding your right button to continue through your day, than satisfaction is not a present factor. All people don't understand that morally or majority correct is not law, or that law is just a boundary of what powerful influential people construct. This is not that clear in the game, and most likely is not an intended reaction, but it is a reaction. Respect, honor, and understand works that were created rather not on how you perceive it as useless but on the value of entertainment found in it. Which I found it entertaining, but I find it monotonous upon story as most of it is not too unexpected and the moral isn't as clear as intended. The good thought put into what to present is admirable, but not original as many already know that schedule is worthless if you follow it all the time. I rate well upon the good idea and the "outside-the-box" objectives, but lessen the rest on the simple animation and the lack of area to explore for the message to be shown fixed and clear.

You know what?

Tell me what the "deeper meaning" of this flash is, because I could sit here speculating all day, and I would know that I'm just compensating for the lack of symbolic content. At the very least, tell me how "alienation" and "refusal of labor" go together in this game, or if anywhere at all period.

Almost there

I wanted it to be great, but it was just good. At a certain point th repetition goes from being innovative and insightful to just being repetitive again. Leaf and cow were beautiful. Do more please.