Reviews for "Every day the same dream"


sleep wake drive work sleep wake drive work sleep wake drive work sleep wake drive work stop.


I love games. Of all sorts of all kinds. This game gives a message - the best kind of game.

I pet a cow

And I will never be assimilated.

Just meh.

The game is truly a good representation of life, but if i wanted to relive this guy's same day over and over again, then i'd LIVE -_-. Games are meant to entertain and i had no fun with this.

its like im really losing!

fun game wish there was a deeper meaning but yea everyone just follows the plan.
anyways mind if i write my runthrough?
5 things needed to see the end; death, fired, cow, leaf, and hobo.
Quickest way to see the end;
first run through, get dress, get to the car, get out, pet the cow, wait for leaf to fall, go kill yourself. 3/5 done.
second run through, be naked and go to work, get promotion.
third run is go downstairs and talk to hobo, i prefer naked.
then everyone should be gone, no wife, no trafic, no one.
needs to repeat at least 4 times, fun and simple, too deep for kids.