Reviews for "Every day the same dream"

Very Emotional Actually

I actually felt sad and depressed with this game, its amazing, the only other game that i found with a message like this was a game called "With the company of myself" and this is actually just as good as that one, so keep it up man.

my thought on the meaning

This was a very good game. It reminds me that we're all going to die, no matter what, and we should take time to find ways to make our life different while we have the chance. I do not know what to say about the scene with the hobo. (spoiler warning) I also don't quite get it when he watches himself die. I know that this may not make sense at all but what ran through my mind was that, "perhaps killing himself was his mistake,"and that he's watching himself falling off the building thinking, "I could've stayed because now I realize things don't have to be so one-track." Or, if that was someone else falling off, I don't know. I liked it very much :)

So Nice !

Good Work.


After everyone was gone, and I went to work, I got some serious chills!


This was good. I loved the existential feel/theme. I got the "end" and it was left me with the impression that this flash is supposed to be deep and it was. It makes me feel a little crappy since it's basically my life. But it's an awesome flash. Great job. I'd love to see more.