Reviews for "Runeseekers"

Excelent Game

i like the tematic of the history, and the music, but the game is really easy if you are a detallist.


I'm very satisfied now
After all really hard this game... I Solved it !

In second round i complete this game... well i`ve got 2 Medals.

You're a genius mate

Hope you amke mroe of teh sagitarran games or somethin like em or a game absed on that where you can actually shoto but keep up the good work

Finally a Difference game worth playing that is both difficult and looks wonderful at the same time. Plus the Medals you get are actually worth getting to show that you did something difficult that many others haven't.

I love all the games you make. This game just shows the talent you and everyone that was involved in the projects. I'm still coming back to your games and replaying them because of the characters and the story telling is amazing

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you!!