Reviews for "Runeseekers"


This is the best and most challenging find-the-difference game I've ever played. I've played a few of these games where there are subtle differences that didn't count towards the goal, especially the games on paper, but the pictures in this game are identical besides the actual differences. Some of them are very difficult, and I did end up using malomano13's hints below, but it didn't take away from the difficulty. It killed a lot of time, and kept my attention. Awesome paintings :)

Excellent Spot The Difference Game

Gotta say, I'm not into Spot the Difference Games, but this one was pretty challenging.

The only problem I had was that sometimes when you click on the difference, it has to be clicked precisely or it counts as a miss.

Oh well. Great game overall.


Hyptosis responds:

This is a pretty later response, but thanks. I'm still a tad new to flash game making, I'm getting better with each one and will make fewer mistakes I hope. Thanks for the feedback!

Beatifull world

this is fantastic find diference game!
beatifull world...

Hyptosis responds:

Thank you! ^_^

I like this game

I like cheating. I can find and can't find runes. That's what utube is all about.


My good sir, your ability to create landscapes is phenomenal.

I used to do these as a child; so naturally, I was good at this. However, a lot of them really took awhile for me to notice and some even threw me for a loop! I really appreciate the art and the difficulty of this game. My only disagreement would be the limit to the clicks. I do understand why it's there, I'm just one of those people who clicks around when I get stuck. All around, I think this is a fabulous work and would like to see more of this world in the future(yes, I have played the sequel, which is equally as enthralling :3).