Reviews for "Runeseekers"

a hint

well I got a hint to everybody that's got trouble whit the runes they are in patterns if you see the patterns you will find the runes

good, but...

It's good, a serious challenge.

Some of the spots are in-sane-ly difficult to find. Which makes you happy when you DO find it, but with having only three "backup" runes you're pretty much guaranteed to fail at completing the game unless you re-start from the beginning. And since the hints don't show you the location that you were missing, you still don't learn from it.

Imo, the three backup runes should be changed to a "one hint" per level rather than a backup rune. That way you can learn and progress through the game by starting over at least.

Personally, I'd give up on this the way it is. I seriously don't feel like sitting cross eyed at my monitor any longer, hoping I'll notice three pixels being off. The blurry screen on the right make for the cake and just adds to the annoyance. Especially the darn blurry line that comes through so and then to distract you from your search.

And like most difference games, it'd be real nice if the screens were equalized when you find a spot. Rather than having a big red rune drawn on a spot, which kind of works distracting.

Also, the left and right screen are slightly (8 pixels) off. e.g. the left screen has 8 pixels more on the right side, while the right side has 8 pixels less on the left side. This will create the impression of something being different on the edges while in truth there's no difference there.

That last level

Christ its hard, got to one left and looking for ages i thought no i have to use my first backup rune thing

It was one of the most difficult spot the difference games ive ever played and im usually really good at them, but this one did take me a while, thanks for the challenge, I still completed it but you have won on the way of i needed a little help right at the end

Good Work!

I think it is a very good game - nice artwork, nice intro, and nice gameplay. The only problem for me is the difficulty: there are two on the first level that I just can't get. Include a hint button or something, maybe instead of the skip runes, and it would be my favourite spot the difference.

can be obscenly difficult

i'll be honest, most of those weren't exactly easy to spot. i'm still having issues finding that last one on the first level. otherwise it is a pretty good search-n-find game