Reviews for "Runeseekers"

NOT challenging at all

you gotta make better games than that.

Hyptosis responds:

Don't be so bitter, maybe someday you'll do something too, though I doubt it. Good luck! ^^

nice, but flawed

i truly wanted to like this game, but i just couldn't get into it. the most annoying thing about this is the whole right side of the screen being "snowy" like a bad tv reception, it made it incredibly hard to notice subtle differences, and made it seem as if there were differences when there weren't any. the art is very good, but its just a tired concept, you'd be better off making a different kind of game

Hyptosis responds:

That was to stop people from cheating using that cross eyed thing, and it clearly worked too considering how many people it pissed off. =]

A little right, but a lot wrong

I've come to the point where I understand that games shouldn't be graded on how good they look or sound, but how well they play, how immersive they are, and how much originality goes into them. And while this game looks great, has solid music, and even a story, you, as the creator, need to realize that no matter how hard you try to dress it up, this is STILL another stupid spot the difference game.

There are some things you did right, don't get me wrong. The dual-pointers actually helped out more than I thought they would, helping to highlight key differences and help me get a pinpoint on the areas I was looking for. I also highly appreciated the backup runes, as there were times when you fell into the unfortunate trend of making the differences so small that you have to study the picture religiously to notice them.

Look, if you drew all this, you have talent, but you should use that talent for projects that befit your skill, not make you seem lazy. Nobody that matters likes these kinds of games, and nobody that's actually worth something to your reputation ever will. Bring us something a little more original next time.

Easy and boring

My grandma does games like this on the newspaper. But you're really skilled in drawings.

Excelent Game

i like the tematic of the history, and the music, but the game is really easy if you are a detallist.