Reviews for "Runeseekers"

I liked this game, especially the soundtrack. I feel bad however because I used the walkthrough on 2 levels :(

It would appear you open flash and after a bit of work, pure gold is sitting on your monitor, great job, you are amazing

You're a genius mate

Hope you amke mroe of teh sagitarran games or somethin like em or a game absed on that where you can actually shoto but keep up the good work


waw sum


My good sir, your ability to create landscapes is phenomenal.

I used to do these as a child; so naturally, I was good at this. However, a lot of them really took awhile for me to notice and some even threw me for a loop! I really appreciate the art and the difficulty of this game. My only disagreement would be the limit to the clicks. I do understand why it's there, I'm just one of those people who clicks around when I get stuck. All around, I think this is a fabulous work and would like to see more of this world in the future(yes, I have played the sequel, which is equally as enthralling :3).