Reviews for "Resident Evil SARS Part 5"


Like I said in the other review, good work...just a let down from what you have done.

I must praise you for bringing hunk in. Made my day. Any way. Have fun. Don't force your comedy. And if you didn't some things just don't work and some things do. That's life.

I don't know how many people make comments about your art, but I think it's just fine.

So yeah, just keep on truckin.

Its funny but,.....

this to me seemed like it was rushed, however even though it seems to be rushed its this pretty funny just a little to short

Im sorry, but this is just a large dissapointment.

I take it you wanted to push something out fast? Just curious because the lack of people that are in your latest projects compared to the last are quite small.
The cat people you used for the two main characters avatars I could in no way shape or form consider this to be funny and or cute. It just made no sense and the older ones were great as they were.
I have another complaint, your characters and jokes are rather tasteless and unsatisfying. This seems more like an amature collab than a Resident Evil Sars Episode. When I saw that there was not only one but two new Resident Evil Sars episodes I was excited. Your end to the third part of the series was hilarious and I was discouraged that it seemed that it was the end of the series for good. Now that i've seen this and the other I wish it had ended for this is an insult to your previous work.
I am in no way attacking you or your flash, but I do suggest if you want to keep your reputation as the funny Resident Evil Sars creator it would be best to make another Resident Evil Sars episode 4 as it should have been. The end of Resident Evil Sars 3 is agood example.
I know it takes awhile to make flashes but if you rush something than this is what you end up with, cat people and stale, unfunny jokes. Sorry, I just really loved your old stuff and I'm really sad this didn't live up to the hype of its predecessors. :(

Leo-and-Pals responds:

P4-5 were originally supposed to be one animation, due to sound problems I had to cut them in half. But I get what you mean, P5 makes no sense disconnected and is literally the epitome of rushed.

Hopefully I can get all RDRedemption in RE3: Nemesis.


that went way over WTF, even for a Resident evil parody.


Y'know. I've watched these all as they've come out, and I generally like them...but this one ...well... it's just a little too wtf. I mean...who are these furry people? It was drawn well, and animated nicely. Clue us in.