Reviews for "Resident Evil SARS Part 5"

Gd job

This may not have been as long as your other sars but i must admit it had some more randomness in that short amount of time. A 10/10 my gd man.

It's Ok

It's Ok like everyone else says not as good as 1-3 However just for putting in Frank West you get a 10

Too short

It was too short. And whats up with Leon, Sherry, and Claire (plus other characters) being animals? I dont think it was the best idea to make the characters look like racoons cuz it sort of killed the series. 6 on this episode cuz it was too short and the racoons.

what happened?

resident evil sars part 1-3 were awesome, what happened to ronald mcdonald and square?


i was dissapoined with the length and sometimes i think 1-3 are better