Reviews for "Blobble Wars"

Getting there

Really awesome I love conquer type games but this one was 2 slow for me also I didn't enjoy how 1 shot could destroy a tower once complete : /

Needs some improvement

This was fun for a good while, but after some time you realize how frustrating the bullet wandering can be. You depend a lot on luck on certain situations, like if one of your bullets make another one bounce off its trajectory, you lost some tower and probably the game, also I noticed no tower is exactly "accurate", I reached lvl 16 and found myself bored from the same towers once and again, try expanding the tower catalog to make some more accurate than others, special bullets (I.E. can bounce on walls like WhatTheFnu said), fast-firing, higher bonus when shooting your own...

Also, at first I thought I was lagging BADLY, but looks like it's about the game (at least in the most part) try to do something with that, I can hardly believe such lag with such simple graphics. Oh yeah, you could at least change the background from time to time, or try to insert a theme or something into the gameplay, like the towers being bunkers or something, it's pretty boring to look at as it is.

Not trying to sound like an ass altho I know I probably do, I enjoyed this but the slow pace was too much (I got stuck around 10 min shooting each other a couple times, ended up winning but it's not fun anyway lol) and without some eye-candy, storyline or whatever I guess I'll stop playing now, good work tho.


Where you high when you got this idea? Because i felt high playing it.

Kind of boring

It's a good concept but gets very boring and some of the lvl's are confusing.

great game

it was a great game, i wold play it alot if i had the time