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Reviews for "The gravity zone"

not bad idea... but...

idea i not so bad, but realization is absent. i understand that not all peoples can draw beauteful pictures by own hands, but this graffics is horrible. And need more work with menu , and all other what make game from this nothing. I give 3/5 for try, it looks like first try. try more...

Needs work but good first attempt

Not much to say about this really but if you're going to have the player shoot a target to move on rather than do so automatically then you should make it a large, prominent target and not hide it behind enemies.

SlaxerNG responds:

I'll try to fix some stuff MmKay...
and improve some stuff too(took me 8 days)

Strangest thing ever.

The graphics aren't too good, and why are the "go on" buttons so small? Why can't we just have something more convenient to press (like a button on the keyboard) and not have one shot wasted on it (even though we gain more ammo for it). The pancake "secret" is very odd too.


ok where do i start, to be really honest i did like the game, i mean poor graphics, some bugs and maybe low effort

but it made me remember quake i dont know why and the scenes where he advance in stage was good to add.

besides that, some bugs when you click in the button (to advance to other scene) and if you empty your gun at all it reloads show a null value (?) this can be
fixed easy i guess, and...

well... not really good but it got something that i like idkw

as far i can tell you is keep improving and improving your coding (programming) and improve your scenes.


Decent idea, but doesn't deliver.

Don't get me wrong, it was a nice idea, but maybe try to improve on your drawing skills before you do something like this. Also, more sound effects would be nicer. It seemed like every time there was a health pack, it appeared right before the screen changed, and I had no chance to get it. A cover system would also be cool (like Time Crisis). The name doesn't make any sense, either. A more explanatory story than "I finally escape, but it's not over" would also make the game more hooking. Additionally, the "zoom" wasn't a zoom at all, it just made your targets harder to see. Wasn't a very hard game either, or a long one. Higher difficulty, moving enemies, enemies that use cover, one-shot kills, etc. would all have made this a better game.

Overall, the idea for the game was good, and I'm sure you (maybe) tried, but your animation skills aren't really up to par to be making shooting games.