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Reviews for "[KK] Im Joinin A Cult."

Vast improvement

Previous version lacked depth, even though the story exemplified
how our actions may eventually prove enjoyable.

This version incorporates both in a very pleasing manner.

PsychoKillerHare responds:

I agree. Its also a visual catalogue of the choices we make as a statement in their own right.

Plus sometimes you just gotta kill your dad.


This is less effort than [KK] members usually put forth. And that's really saying something.

PsychoKillerHare responds:

Simply because I dont have to try as hard.

No improvement

Trying to get better? This took what, two minutes to throw together? Little to no creativity. Keep "trying".

PsychoKillerHare responds:

oh c'mon. I thought I improved at least a lil.


Epilepsy!! What's with the flashing. The monologue is good, rather funny. But the flash has nothing to do with the title (or your comments), which a lot of people will find misleading.

PsychoKillerHare responds:

oh sorry. Let me fix that.