Reviews for "Flash Ahh"

Flash vs Macintosh?

It was hilarious. I loved it. XD Steve Jobs thwarting the Flash's attempts at using the iPhone. Truly a clever parody.


This flash was just a silly flash that gave me a good laugh,the animation was solid and the voice acting was superb i especially got a kick when Flash told off the kid then he called Flash an asshole and the end was just crazy hilarious,overall you guys did a great job on this flash. =)


Will it ever come to iPhone? Will Steve Jobs ever stop being a dick about the subject? I have no idea. But I do know that this flash was entertaining. I was even going to get cs5 for the iphone compatability until, you know...

Other smart phones are getting flash, droid too.

Adobe just stuck a big fork in Apples flaccid cock.


Damn you, Steve Jobbs!