Reviews for "Flash Ahh"


the creits were good so i will give it a 10

Oh that's just stellar...

Well played, very well played indeed. The sheer brilliance of this film probably went over the head of most NGers, pity considering how clever and obviously underrated this is.


You lose two stars for using Flash Gorden's theme for The Flash. Don't get me wrong, cause it was interesting and amusing....but you just don't build up The Flash with Flash Gorden's theme, damn it, its just wrong.

Quite unexpected

I can not remember the last time I saw a flash cartoon that featured the Flash, so it was nice to see him. The animation in this was good, especially with how the Flash was drawn. I was at first thinking this was going to be a parody of FlashPlayer, but it was more of the iPhone. I have to admit that I was not expecting Steve Jobs to appear out of nowhere. It helps that the music is good and sounds like it was sang by Queen. While not one of the best, it still was something I would probably recommend.


I wish there was more Comic book Parodys on Newgrounds really well done Love The Flash hope to see him in more stuff.. (a movie perhaps)