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Reviews for "Tribal"

like one of the movies XD

BlazingDragon responds:

Exactly what I was going for. Thanks man!

nice job. u got a pretty good chance at winning good luck

BlazingDragon responds:

Wow, thanks!

Wow....when I close my eyes it feels like I'm surrounded by drummers, fantastic job on the mixing, it sounds like I'm actually surrounded by instruments. This fits the artwork very well and gives a deep envisioning of the picture's landscape. I also like how it changed up, it's very melodic in structure and doesn't get boring. Very well done :)

BlazingDragon responds:

Thanks for the review, RealFaction, and for running this awesome contest! This piece was my first to really explore heavy percussion, and it really helped me improve I think. :)

Great song! Fantastic melody. Quite a few places reminded me of DavidOrr's work, which is quite different from your usual (but ever-expanding) style. It just seems that every time you break out a song that's not of your previous styles it never fails, mostly because you always have the trump card of a great melody, which to me is really the backbone of a good song.

2:00-2:06 was particularly brilliant. I almost expected beforehand the section would transition to the next on that chord in 2:06, but the way you got there is quite surprising (to me), which was very refreshing.

So thanks for another fantasic song, and keep up the good work dragonman!

BlazingDragon responds:

Gadogry, you are awesome. Many people on Newgrounds write reviews hoping to build connections and receive return reviews on their own works, but you don't even have any submissions up. You send out all these encouraging comments without any expectation of a return review, and that's pretty cool. Thank you for the numerous reviews you have given me. :)

My style is definitely evolving as I experiment in new genres, but you are right about my love for melody. I may never be remembered as a cutting edge, 'modern' composer (dare I say my music is too pleasant?), but at least my work is singable. Ha!

I'm glad you pointed out 2:00-2:06. I had come up with the immediately preceding material on a whim and wanted to get back to the main theme, but I found myself in this strange harmonic trap in which I couldn't reach a good sounding cadence to make the transition. It is a point such as this that theory REALLY comes in handy. Using an augmented sixth chord and some other things, I was able to sort of duct tape sections together. XD I was really concerned that it sounded too forced and contrived, so I'm glad you described it as 'brilliant'.

Thanks once again!

Ill be writing the outline of my second book to this song. so keep the good work coming and Ill keep downloading and reviewing it.

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you! It was such a pleasure reading the short story that you set against my Mural OST: Drifting. I'm honored that you would gain inspiration from my music. :)