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Reviews for "Tribal"

I'm grateful for anything that makes a song interesting in this contest. And this song has so much of that. (Not that the other entries are bad, but there are so many it gets a little boring listening to all of them). I actually played it twice. I like the unique instruments. They're used perfectly. Good memorable melodies. Excotic mysterious atmosphere. Good structure. Nice length. The mixing and all is good also, so perfect song.

BlazingDragon responds:

Thanks Jovis! There were definitely some amazing entries in this contest. This one was definitely a step in a new direction for me compared to my usual work, and it was a lot of fun to make. I'll have to check out your submission!

Regrettably I've only heard your 'Sadness and Sorrow'. This is absolutely fantastic Trevor! :-)

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you so much! I have a number of mellow songs like 'Sadness and Sorrow'. While not as melodic, I think you might also like 'Sanctuary'. Check it out and read the description if you have the time. :)

This is really very good. Good luck for the competition, I am sure you will get in the top ten with ease.
(I love the Eastern feeling this song creates)

BlazingDragon responds:

Thank you! There is some very intense competition, so we'll see. :)

I cant say i expected anything else from you, but this is a very good piece of music. It makes me think of a foreign explorer wandering trough a desert in the 19th century. I think it would also fit pretty well in some sort of open world game. The only thing that didnt seem to fit in was the intro. It was somewhat different from the rest of the song. Overall great work as always.

BlazingDragon responds:

I like the intro so much, but you are not the only one to suggest that it sounds out of place. Darn it! :p

That desert vibe is exactly what I was going for. Glad you heard it! And I'd love to write for an open world game. <3

Thanks for your thoughts!

Great melodies in the whole song and interesting work in the harmony. For me the song has a lot of potential but most of that feeling and intensity was gone with the dynamics. Some instruments sound too small even if they had an important role on the song. For example in the beginning the strings just feels out of place, that intro feels like the ethnic drums are over everything. Now when the ethnic instruments starts everything starts to flow again and it sounds great. Then in the 1:31 where the strings have this kind of aggressive role the volume was too low. If you bring the strings up and maybe some cinematic hits you could give the song another color. If you play a little bit more with the automation this song will blow your mind.

I was really impressed with the atmosphere that you made with the lows and the percussion. The pizzicato part was really original too. Now the ending was really awesome but again the problem with the balance between instruments. In my opinion that ending should have been really intense and aggressive.
Anyway great song!

BlazingDragon responds:

Excellent review, thank you for the constructive criticism!

To be honest, this is hardly a finished work. I procrastinated and the compositional aspect wasn't even finished this afternoon. It would have been a shame to not participate though, so I slapped on an ending in about thirty minutes and submitted the piece. No mastering, no time spent blending the dynamics, and not even any automation. There is not a single string crescendo in this piece. No compression. The only thing I did was EQ some of the ethnic percussion. :/

I feel a bit guilty submitting something so rough around the edges, but I like the composition and want to share it via this contest. And besides, while I have composition experience, my mixing and mastering skills are very minimal, so your comments are very valuable to me. I hear so many epic ideas in my head, but I'm not to the point that I can convey them properly through software.

Thanks again! :D