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Reviews for "Castlefailure SotN"


This guy pissed the fuck out of me! loved it!

and havoc944, I believe you're talking about Hellsing, an anime with a vampire of the same name. This Alucard from Castlevania is a completely different person

Great SOTN reference

Great job this was really funny. I ended up just hitting the librarian for an hour because hes super annoying in my opinion.

great flash

was he saying alucard? cuz that guy is from this beast series on anime planet or something ike that but whatever its awesome.

Yay, Castlevania reference!

It's nice to see that I'm not the only one who knows what Castlevania is. Anyways, awesome spoof man! I give onto thee all ten of my stars (and I vote 5).

Awesome SOTN reference!

This was really funny and a great throwback to the game!