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Reviews for "Castlefailure SotN"

It was alright.

I mean I know where you were going with it, but it just didn't trigger any lulz in me.
Oh, and does Alucard have fangs? He's only a dunpeal.

But master.

I guess that one big loop in the logic sequence. *barfes* lol
Pretty funny animation.


I think that ws the hardest I've laughed at a flash in a long time! GREAT JOB!

Coming from a huge SOTN fan

I found this freakin hilarious, I never really got what that old man. First he tells you, "Young master, I cannot aid one, who opposes the master." but when Alucard says, "You won't go unrewarded." He's like "Oh! Well in that case, what do you need?" I laughed my ass off when that happened in game. And it seems you are a pretty big fan of the game too because I got alot of the references from the game you threw in, like being able to push the librarians chair up into the ceiling, and his strange dialogue when you first meet him. The only slight thing I can complain on, is Alucard looked kind of off when it had a close up on his face. Other than that I really enjoyed the cute drawing style depictions of the characters. I also loved how you included some of the fantastic music from the game.

Overall, this was freakin amazing. I hope you make a sequel that references some of the cheap ways you can get past parts in the game, for example make a really hard boss (like Shaft, for example) and make him be like "YOU'LL NEVER DEFEAT ME ALUCARD!!" but Alucard just has a very strong weapon (like the Crissaegrim) and just defeats him in like 10 seconds. With that weapon I managed to kill Shaft in 10 seconds and Dracula in 30. Although, you might not know what I'm talking about. If you don't I encourage you to look it up. But, I'm getting off topic. This was just an amazing flash based off an amazing game.

i love this!!

your work is very good!!