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Reviews for "Castlefailure SotN"

More like this would be great!

The amount of secrets and fun in that game was incredible. They just don't make 'em like they used to.

Great parody, like I said I would love to see more of this. That game has the potential for a lot of humor for a lot of people.

I loved it.

my favorite old school game made into a great spoof, sequel?

RicePirate responds:

It's been suggested to spoof the Dream/Succubus scene... I'm tempted... gotta finish the current one I'm workin' now :D

haha finally!!

Someone finally made a flash for this xD And its very good if I say so myself! Great job!

RicePirate responds:

I was surprised how hard it was to find a video online of this...I mean it wasn't "hard" , I just expected more of them :P Glad you liked it!


this was really made well and made me laugh but it took me like 4 min to find the play button lol

RicePirate responds:

BWahahaha, I hided it frum yoo allz!


I haven't played Castlevainia but this was halrious anyway. Good Job!

RicePirate responds:

THANKS! Hopefully you'll be inspired to play now, it's a classic :D