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Reviews for "Castlefailure SotN"


Lol I remember doing the gravity jump or whatever under the old mans chair over and over again to get a few items :D

A win for Failure!

I liked every thing about it! The heavy metal rock music at the beginning and end of the movie was awesome! The art and voice acting were spectacular amazingful! The funniest fail I found in the movie was when that over 9000 year old librarian said: "Young master i cannot aid one who opposes the master." But dont get me wrong RicePirate, it was an awesome fail! (gives RicePirate 2 thumbs up)
Over all this gets 10 face plants into the ceiling out of 10 (aka 10/10)

Takes me back...

For nostalgia sake, it's very good, the voice acting is also tops.

Nicely done...

I'd say more... but I've never played Castlevania,

this... is... AWESOME!

the voices are pretty cool, and i loved alucard's odd comment at the end. :P

one of my favorite parts is when death looked over his shoulder like "what the hell is that?" XD

although i wasnt a fan of castlevania before, after playing castlevania judgment, i actually got into it... now im hoping to get all the games i possibly can... kinda odd, considering almost every castlevania fan out there seems to hate that game, while its what got me interested.

anyway, this is a pretty good flash, hope you'll make more! :)