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Reviews for "Roguette"


I like the rpg but make the game more EASY!

Very addicting fun game

I like this game, and I finally got the power orb for the first time. My score was 5,009 and I am #7 in the world. I am going to try again sometime, wish me luck.


Obviously not a "full-fledged" roguelike, but this does well enough to maintain the framework considering that it's also a flash game.

I think this is a good roguelike. It's not perfect, but it is good enough
to keep me busy and interested until the end.
Graphics - 7
Gameplay - 8
A little repetitive, so 3.5. But do a sequel. Dungeonizer works well btw,
although items are sometimes in the same place and it creates a bug.
Spell effects would be great. (paralysis, blindness, etc)

what's the point in having a potion option if you can't use potions?