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Reviews for "Roguette"


Obviously not a "full-fledged" roguelike, but this does well enough to maintain the framework considering that it's also a flash game.

Very addicting fun game

I like this game, and I finally got the power orb for the first time. My score was 5,009 and I am #7 in the world. I am going to try again sometime, wish me luck.

"Bad ass"

I love it and don't worry about the guy who said it was too hard roguelike are suppossed to be very hard.Good job Dude.


I like the rpg but make the game more EASY!

I don't give 10's

This, in my experience of online gaming, is one of the most inventive (read, hasn't really ripped anything off) RPG's I've ever seen. The combat mechanics are smooth, the method of moving around the map is simple. and the "fog of war" idea was well implemented. I'd also like to say that the bastard dragged on a little bit, but hey! When I play a game, I finish it! On the other hand, the enemies where downright mental and very creative for the larger part, even though I could really begin to get feelings of "I've been here before" at certain encounters. The game isn't without it's bigger problems, most glaringly, the lack of any sound at all. This wouldn't have been a massive bugbear where the game shorter; but as it stands it just ended up making me feel like I'd lost my fucking hearing for the duration. The lack of animation? Now that's more like saying it's a "little hot" at the earth's core. A little more Animation next time, a few sound effects, and we could really begin to see the best damn RPG game on Newgrounds.

I don't give tens unless I've been literally, mind blown, raped and loved by a game. Keep up the good work and then we'll all see what someone with your level of skill is really capable of!
(I should say it would be a lot ;)